What is akaMES?

As against traditional monolithic MOM applications, akaMES supports modern architecture, is designed to collect large stream of data and distribute the intelligence to shop-floor in real-time to truly transform manufacturing operations.

As an All-in-one MOM/MES package, akaMES not only provides the core functions of a manufacturing execution systems but also covers part of an ERP systems and help with the interactions between human and machines in a factory.

What business domain may apply the akaMES?

akaMES is a complete ecosystem built for multiple roles to operate the production line in factory. The solution is designed with different views: Operation management, Working management and Traceability Dashboard.

How is akaMES different from competitive products?

akaMES is flexible integration with available facilities: Easy to integrate into different vehicles, independent of existing infrastructure, fast integration time.

What customer talk about us?

  • akaMES helps to increase production efficiency by 15-20% and increase product quality through transparency of production data, which will be the prerequisite for continuous improvement. Moreover, akaMES is the optimal option to integrate with existing production systems.”
    Sumitomo Heavy Industry (Vietnam)
  • akaMES has outstanding features at the cost of only 1/3 of price quotes from VinFast’s foreign partners”
    Vinfast Lithium Battery Pack Ltd. Company
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