akaMES is a Digital Manufacturing Platform that is designed to help boosting the productivity in the manufacturing industries.

akaMES provides a well-rounded technology solution from the simplest to the most complicated across multiple areas of function from materials collection and operator assignment to quality control and product delivery to customers.


Your Bespoke MOM Solution

Manufacturing Ecosystem

akaMES manages, monitors, and synchronizes the execution of real-time processes involved in transforming raw materials into finished goods. It provides holistic process performance management, delivering superior material-level traceability and genealogy as well as un-paralleled real-time connectivity and operations visibility to reduce manufacturing costs.

Expense View

Expense View

Manage manufacturing expense with accuracy by integrating with purchased goods inspection system, sales system, expense on operator working time and data of machine operating time to calculate production cost

Raw Material


As an E-procurement  this App controls the  process of purchase order , receipt purchased goods, requests for materials and  included  supply material management



Manage warehouse production by warehouse receipts finished goods, issue for sales, issue goods for outsourcing and inspection when return. Real-time reports of inventory status and on-hand balance



Manage data of BoM, Routine, Work Instruction, Machine and goods. Moreover, the system can manage record versions and notify when changes of main production information occur



Traceability is a core function of akaMES, providing traceability-related data in real-time to help users know exactly what happened with specific objects.

It provides the ability to track and trace all processes through supplier, raw materials, production, storage and delivery to clarify “What-Where-When” based on overall operational management data.

Production Scheduling


Application supports manually scheduling production plan as well as automatically generating production order based on current manufacturing capability

Quality Management


Quality Management provides remarkable ability for goods inspection from purchasing, outsourcing, etc. Inspection process is integrated with warehouse management system to reduce receipt process



A Work Order details production for a particular item on specific production line and includes its manufacturing processes with master data from the bill of materials (BoM) defined in advance.

Work Order can be created using AkaMES or in collaboration with the ERP system to create integrated Work Orders

AkaMES provides a flexible distribution mechanism for operators by using a tablet-based Worker Application to rearrange processes on production line.

AkaMES provides three main mechanisms to swiftly dispense tasks:

Auto-assign tasks: Operators use the Worker Application and execute assigned operations that are presented on the application by FIFO regulations

Assign task by operator: Manufacturing processes can assign tasks to specific operators, the system then immediately pushes notifications to those operators

Split work: Boost production by distributing an operation to many operators

Provides an overview of the utilization resources, the performance of applications, and the processes in real-time, it able to hone your troubleshooting and ensure applications run error-free.

Asset management

Management of information about changes of assets:

Changes in the management and use of assets, quantity, location, depreciation landmarks, consumption norms, maintenance and tools.

Functional Overview

akaMES is a complete ecosystem built for multiple roles to operate the production line in factory. The solution is designed with different views: Operation management, Working management and Traceability Dashboard.

Cost/Inventory Mangement

Material/Resource/Wastes/Costs information is integrated in one package.

Centralized Data Platform

Data platform is developed based on akaMinds/IoT data platform

ERP/PLM integration

Data model is adjusted to be easily connected with data in ERP & PLM

Included MOM/MES functions

Including machine connection with MES functions and ERP functions such as warehouse/costs/resources

Unique UI/UX

User-friendly UI/UX such as drag-and-drop functionality and based on FPT’s enriched UI/UX framework

Highly Customizable

Can be easily customized based on customers’ requirements

Use Cases

Use Case 1

Smart factory in heavy industry:

A comprehensive MES solution to collect real-time data and reduce human involvement in operations:

  • Optimize factory performance by eliminating manual operation and paper-based management.
  • Digitalize operations to deliver automated solutions, therby enhancing traceability and quality control

Use Case 2

MES Solution for Manufactoring:

A MES solution integrating smart gateway and cloud computing modules, allowing to digitize manufacturing operations and process traceability.

  • Increase working efficiency by quick track-and-trace and paperless system
  • Lower cost through downtime tracking

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