akaMES is a production management software suite designed to enhance overall operating performance of a manufacturing enterprise and extend the ERP system with more capabilities so that it can achieve the highest value of quality and flexibility. By applying AI, Robotics, Big Data, and other advanced technologies, akaMES is the backbone of digital enterprises in the industrial era 5.0

The Manufacturing eco-system

The Manufacturing eco-system with modules & apps



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The Benefits

The akaMES solution helps all the production processes to be balanced in capacity to eliminate possible bottlenecks, delays and errors and ultimately empowers manufacturing enterprises to create a digital ecosystem where managers, operators, suppliers and customers engage flexibly across the value chain

Functional Overview

akaMES provides a comprehensive AI-powered solution for manufacturing enterprises to unlock a data-driven, connected, and collaborative workforce, improve final product quality and increase total factory capacity

Advanced scheduling

Apply AI and machine learning to build optimized production plans and efficiently execute work orders

Quality Improvement

Integrate with production execution management to manage quality and report metrics. Continuous improvement enabled by production and quality data

ERP Integration

Integrate with ERP to improve production efficiency and the accuracy of demand forecasting through an integrated MES/ERP system

Energy and Resources optimization

Boost productivity and reduce costs with predictive energy demand and optimized material planning

Real-time monitoring

Collect and synthesize production data and performance insights. Alert for issues and predict unexpected events

Automation Readiness

Enable businesses to enhance automation capabilities through connection with many systems such as IoT, PLC, SCADA, HMI, etc.


Provide sufficient material and labor traceability to improve inventory forecasting, maximize equipment and labor utilization and reduce the costs of scrap and rework

Predictive maintenance

Increase the factory productivity with predictive maintenance to prevent equipment failure and reduce downtime

Success stories

Use Case 1

MES Solution for Pharmaceutical Factory

  • Provide a system complying with GAMP5 standards in automatic production with production, quality and warehouse management modules
  • Build a comprehensive data platform helping to prepare Batch Production Records faster

Use Case 2

MES Solution for Assembly Manufacturing Factory

  • Apply MES in production activities at the shop floor
  • Allows assigning jobs and managing workers’ productivity by output or working time
  • Assist in calculating workers’ monthly payroll based on working performance

Use Case 3

MES Solution for Steel Manufacturers

  • Integrate the new MES with PLC enabling automation of monitoring and controlling production processes, combined with mobile devices and IoT application
  • Sync-up all data across different departments, supporting cost accounting management
  • Develop new modules including warehousing, procurement and cost accounting management

Use Case 4

MES Solution for Consumer Goods Manufacturing Factory

  • Use machine learning algorithms to analyze and calculate production schedules, taking into account a range of constraints and specific business rules
  • Allow planners to generate and evaluate multiple scenarios
  • Simultaneously send the delivery schedule to suppliers at the time of production schedule release
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